Preventing and remediating degradation of soils in Europe through land care (RECARE)


The EU-FP7 project, called RECARE, aims to develop effective prevention, remediation and restoration measures using an innovative transdisciplinary-approach. It will  actively integrate and advance  knowledge of stakeholders and scientists in 17 case studies, covering a-range of soil threats in different bio-physical and socio-economic environments across Europe.

The case studies will consider/evaluate:

  1. the current state of degradation and conservation using a new methodology, based on the WOCAT-mapping procedure,
  2. impacts of degradation and conservation on soil functions and ecosystem services. These will be quantified in a harmonized, spatially explicit way, accounting for costs and benefits, and possible trade-offs,
  3. prevention, remediation-and restoration measures, selected and implemented by stakeholders.
  4. the applicability and impact of these measures at the European level using a new integrated biophysical and socio-economic model.

National and EU policies will be reviewed and compared to identify potential (in)coherence, contradictions and synergies. Policy messages will be formulated based on the case study results and their integration at European level.

A comprehensive dissemination and communication strategy, including a web-based Dissemination-and Communication Hub, will accompany the other activities to ensure that project results are disseminated to a variety of-stakeholders at the right time and in the appropriate formats.

ISRIC  is coordinating Work Package 5, the focus of which is on “identification and selection of appropriate mitigation and prevention measures”.

The RECARE project is coordinated by Wageningen UR (Soil Physics & Land Management Department) and brings together 28 partners from 17 European countries.

Excursion Peristona River region near Kato Moni (Cyprus) (Phot0 Zhanguo Bai)

Collapsed terraces Peristerona river region near Kato Moni (Excursion during RECARE meeting, Cyprus)
Photo : Zhanguo Bai

[2013 - 2018]