Course module: Compilation of soil data

Course title: Compilation of Soil Data
Course Code:  
Subject areas (Curriculum): Compilation, standardisation and harmonisation of soil data
Duration: 1 week
Short description: The course introduces to soil database design, handling both legacy soil profile and map data and storing both original and standardized values, and outlines steps and rules of data compilation, standardisation and harmonisation, concluding with practical sessions applied to produce an updated spatial SOTER database.
Moderators: J (Johan) Leenaars
Target audience: Staff of National Soil Institutes
  • Day 1:  Introduction
                Procedure to come to usable data
  • Day 2:  Documentation of source data
                 Data entry tools
  • Day 3:  Standardization of data and quality control
  • Day 4:  Harmonization of soil data
  • Day 5:  Excercise
Objective: To produce a spatial database of primary and derived soil data as input to the updating of world soil information.
Software / materials: NA
Case studies: NA
Literature: NA
Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum number of participants: 30