Global Environment Outlook 1 (GEO1)

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geo1.jpgThis work was undertaken in the framework of UNEP's Pilot Global Environmental Outlook project, under a subcontract with the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).
ISRIC’s work centered on assessing the importance of scale and structure of environmental databases and model formulation on the possible level of detail of conclusions drawn with respect to the assess­ment/ quantification of the impact of water erosion on food production. Two main activities were undertaken:

  • Developmenmt of a simple qualitative methodology  for assessing the risk of water erosion at the global level, using the WISE database. This empirical methodology was later adapted for use with a 1:5 million scale Soil and Terrain Database (SOTER), covering parts of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. 
  • Devlopment of a mixed qualitative/quantitative approach  for assessing the impact of water erosion on productivity of a land use system, using 1:1M scale SOTER databases for Uruguay and part of Argentina) and Kenya