Carbon Sequestration Project (CSEQ)

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The research network for the evaluation of carbon sequestration capacity of pasture, agropastoral and sylvopastoral systems in the American tropical forest ecosystem - a Netherlands Cooperation Project  from 2001-2006 with local and international partners - investigated four ecosystems in Colombia and Costa Rica. To allow extrapolation of research findings ISRIC was requested to identify in South and Central America similar environments as found in the research sites in: 

(a) Tropical Andean Hillsides in Colombia
(b) Sub-humid and humid tropical forest at the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Costa Rica
(c) Humid Tropical Forest, Amazonia in Colombia

The extrapolation was based on similarity in climate, soils and topography, based on data from Agro-Ecological Zones, soil and terrain from SOTERLAC and the 90 m SRTM Digital Elevation Model. (report ) Areas of ecosystem 2 with Haplic Acrisols

Areas of ecosystem 2 with Haplic Acrisols