Virtually tour soil museums around the world on December 4

27 Nov 2020

In celebration of World Soils Day, the Global Soil Museum Network will offer free virtual museum tours to the public at 12:00 Central European Time on Friday, December 4. Register online in advance here.

The virtual event will be hosted by the World Soil Museum, a partner in the Global Soil Museum Network. On December 4, attendees at this free event will experience 15-minute tours of three different soil museums.

Soil museums around the world introduce us to the often invisible beauty and wonders of the soil.

“Soil sustain life and are incredibly diverse. Soil museums around the world introduce us to the often invisible beauty and wonders of the soil,” said head of the World Soil Museum at ISRIC – World Soil Information Stephan Mantel. “The virtual tours will highlight three soil museums and will give us a flavour of what is on display and the exciting stories connected to them.”


World Soil Day, which officially takes place on Saturday, December 5, is the inspiration for this event. The day is an observance marked by the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization and occurs every year on December 5.

This year’s theme for World Soil Day is: “Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity.” To learn more about the diversity of soil all over the planet, join the Global Soil Museum Network on December 4 at 12:00 CET. All ages welcome. Please register in advance here:

In addition to virtual museum tours, there are many other events taking place around the world to celebrate soil. Visit the Food and Agriculture Organization’s website for more information about the different ways people celebrate World Soil Day around the planet.

The Global Soil Museum Network is a growing group of museums around the world who highlight the importance of soil and want to collaborate with one another.

“The network for soil museums and exhibitions will facilitate exchange of experiences, practices, and tools,” explained Mr. Mantel. “We welcome soil museums to join the Global Soil Museum Network and work together to do better and achieve more.”