Launch! ISRIC hosts Soil Data Facility for the Global Soil Partnership

31 Jul 2017

Launch! ISRIC hosts Soil Data Facility for the Global Soil Partnership



30 August, The Spot Bar, Orion, Wageningen Campus

Wageningen Soil Conference, the Netherlands

We are happy to announce that ISRIC – World Soil Information has been elected to host the Soil Data Facility of the Global Soil Partnership!

ISRIC invites you for music, drinks & bites to celebrate the launch of the Soil Data Facility
// 17:15 – 19:15 at the Spot bar, the Netherlands
// Speakers: Neil McKenzie (CSIRO) and Rik van den Bosch (ISRIC), and a Q&A session

// As side event of the Wageningen Soil Conference

Attendees will have the chance to learn how they can benefit from, support and add value to the Soil Data Facility, learn how ISRIC will take on their new role, what the objectives are of the Global Soil Partnership.

Ask your questions

It’s really easy! Go to and enter the event code #ISRIC2017 and ask us what you want to know about the Soil Data Facility! We will address them during the launch session. Or ask away on twitter using #ISRIC2017 or to @ISRICorg

We very much welcome any feedback from you, during the event or through these channels.

About the Soil Data Facility and the Global Soil Partnership

On 20th June 2017 the Plenary Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) selected ISRIC – World Soil Information to host the Soil Data Facility that will be developed as part of Pillar 4 of the partnership. This means that ISRIC will (i) contribute to the design of the Global Soil Information System, (ii) participate in capacity building programs and (iii) provide a system that integrates the national facilities into a global soil information system.

The Global Soil Partnership was established in December 2012. Its mandate is to improve governance of the limited soil resources of the planet to guarantee agriculturally productive soils for a food secure world, as well as support other essential ecosystem services. For the GSP to achieve its mandate, they address 5 pillars of action to be implemented in collaboration with its regional soil partnerships.

Pillar 4 of the GSP addresses the development of a Global Soil Information System and requires the active participation and contribution of national soil information institutions. For this, an International Network of Soil Information Institutions (INSII) has been established (see figure below). ISRIC, in their new role of Soil Data Facility, will assist the INSII to build national and regional soil information systems and will integrate these by providing a central global soil information system.

ISRIC is proud to be trusted this important role by the Plenary Assembly of GSP and will continue to work closely together with the Pillar 4 Working Group and INSII to contribute to the a sustainable use of the global soil resources.