ISRIC contributes to PBL policy report for UNCCD Global Land Outlook

11 Aug 2017

The pressure on land is projected to increase in many regions of the world according to a recent policy report by PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency), prepared for the Global Land Outlook of the UNCCD, to which ISRIC contributed.

'Exploring future changes in land use and land condition and the impacts on food, water, climate change and biodiversity: Scenarios for the UNCCD Global Land Outlook’, is a compilation and interpretation of three scenario projections up to 2050 of the effect that land use change can have on land condition and the resulting impacts on the production of food, the availability of water and biodiversity. The report shows that a global assessment of land condition change, impact on food security, agricultural production and the Sustainable Development Goals is possible, useful and points at  distinct regional differences. Largest challenges are anticipated for Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East/Northern Africa and South Asia.

ISRIC mainly contributed to chapter 4, ‘Future changes in the condition of land and ecosystem services’.