CIRCASA takes off!

11 Dec 2017

On 17 and 18 November 2017 a successful kick-off meeting was organized by INRA in Paris. CIRCASA stands for Coordination of International Research Cooperation on soil Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture and is funded by the EU H2020 programme (Societal Challenge 2). CIRCASA has 23 partner organizations from all continents. The overarching goal of CIRCASA is to develop international synergies concerning research and knowledge exchange in the field of carbon sequestration in agricultural soils at European Union and global levels with active engagement of all relevant stakeholders. This includes four specific objectives:

  *   Strengthen the international research community on soil carbon sequestration in relation to climate change and food security;

  *   Improve our understanding of agricultural soil carbon sequestration in different agricultural systems and pedo-climatic conditions and its potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation and for increasing food production;

  *   Co-design a strategic research agenda with stakeholders on soil carbon sequestration in agriculture;

  *   Better structure the international research cooperation in this field.

ISRIC - World Soil Information contributes by setting up a knowledge information system and by supporting the literature review on carbon sequestration in agriculture. During an interactive session at the kick-off meeting, building blocks for the Knowledge Information System were provided by the project partners and working arrangements were made for the review. We are looking forward to work with all partners to align research efforts.