3 lucky winners of ISRIC Soil Quiz selected!

08 Dec 2015

The ISRIC Soil Quiz has been running all of 2015, the International Year of Soils, and the winners of the three prizes have today been selected. The quiz consisted of 4 challenging questions, with the answers being ‘hidden’ along the walls and in the corners of the ISRIC World Soil Museum:

  • Question 1:
    Who is considered as the founding father of soil science?
    Hint: Have a look at the timeline on Global Soil Information.
    Correct answer: Vasily Dokuchaev (1846-1903)
  • Question 2:
    Which of the following parameters are being used in the scientific description of soil colour (Munsell system): Shades of brown / Chroma / Reflectance / Value?
    Hint: More than 1 correct answer is possible.
    Correct answer: Chroma and Value
  • Question 3:
    What is the main cause of human-induced soil degradation in Africa?
    Hint: Have a look at the Soil Atlas of Africa.
    Correct answer: Overgrazing
  • Question 4:
    What do you think is the weight (in grams) of the piece of termite mound in the glass cabinet? No hint here, you have to make a guess!
    Correct answer: 1242 g

And these are our 3 lucky winners:

  • 1st prize: Life-size laminated photograph of a soil monolith of own choice
    Maaike Zwier
  • 2nd prize: A copy of the Soil Atlas of Africa
    Paulina Reimers
  • 3rd prize”: Coffee/tea cup with ISRIC logo
    Leonardo Collier

We want to thank all participants for their effort, and we congratulate the winners!