Zhanguo Bai

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ISRIC - World Soil Information
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Soil and land degradation assessment and restoration

Personal Information

Full name
Dr ZG (Zhanguo) Bai
Telephone number
+31 317 483692
Zhanguo is a senior researcher at ISRIC–World Soil Information, he is an expert on integrated land and water resources management with particular emphasis on assessment of soil/land degradation and restoration using GIS, remote sensing and environmental radionuclides/isotopes tracers. He joined ISRIC in 2002, working on GEF/UNEP/FAO Project: Global Assessment of Land Degradation and Improvement (GLADA), the World Bank funded Project: Land Degradation & Risk Mapping in Turkey (TULADA) and the Netherlands PvW funded Project: Green Water Management & Credits for China (GWC-China)., He has been involved in several other projects including: EU FP-7 Project: Desertification Mitigation and Remediation of Land (DESIRE), EU FP-7 Project: Preventing and Remediating Degradation of Soils in Europe through Land Care (RECARE), EU Horizon2020 Project: interactive Soil Quality Assessment in Europe and China for Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Resilience (iSQAPER) and EU Project: Chittagong Hill Tracts Improved Natural Resources Management, Bangladesh (CHARM). He has contributed to the Netherlands PBL Project: the Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Development on towards mapping global soil degradation. He has been actively involved in the development of the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technology (WOCAT) – a global network on knowledge and database dedicated to sustainable land management (SLM). Zhanguo speaks Chinese, English, and has a little command of German and Dutch.  


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6 years 4 months