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FM (Fenny) van Egmond MSc
Aquisition, Soil sensing
31 317 48046
Fenny is a soil sensing scientist with a MSc. in Soil Inventory and Land Evaluation and a MSc. in Geo Information and Remote Sensing (2005) of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. After graduation she started working at The Soil Company. A small Dutch advisory company using proximal sensing for precision agriculture. The main focus was on the use of gamma-ray spectrometry for soil (texture) mapping for farmers. She also collaborated in the EU FP7 ‘iSOIL’ project on soil sensing. In 2010 she joined Medusa Explorations Her focus was on the use of gamma-ray spectrometry, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), open data for mapping in agriculture, archaeology, (environmental) soil, road construction, sediments. She was in charge of the Medusa contribution to the EU LIFE+ project ‘ Crops for better soil’. Fenny joined ISRIC in September 2016 where she will focus on the use of soil sensing, cooperation and on current projects. She speaks English, Dutch, German and a bit of French and Spanish.
Ir IJ (Ingrid) Haas Webmaster and programmer
Dr T (Tom) Hengl Digital Soil Mapping
Ir NH (Niels) Batjes Soils and Global Change; Head, World Data Centre for Soils
Stephan Mantel, Msc Sustainable land management, Head of World Soil Museum
Dr ZG (Zhanguo) Bai Soil and land degradation assessment and restoration
YGL (Yolanda) Karpes Secretariat
Ir JGB (Johan) Leenaars Soil legacy data officer, GlobalSoilMap.Net
Drs GWJ (Godert ) van Lynden Land, water and environmental management
Dr ir GBM (Gerard) Heuvelink Pedometrics and Digital Soil Mapping
L (Livija) Petrovic, Bsc Library
Dr ir B (Bas) Kempen Soil mapping
Dr JS (Jorge) Mendes de Jesus Programmer
T (Theo) Jacobs Photographer, Monolith preparation
PAM (Nellie) Roefs Library
Dr TM (Thomas) Caspari Soil/agricultural modeller
E. (Eloi) Ribeiro Geoinformatic
M (Maria) Ruiperez Gonzalez Msc Remote Sensing, GIS and Soil mapping
ir H (Rik) van den Bosch Director
Jan van Kleef Monolith preparation
FM (Fenny) van Egmond MSc Aquisition, Soil sensing
ir AJ (Andries) Bosma Business Developer