The history of soilgrids - The tale so far...

Providing free access to soil data accross borders

ISRIC - World Soil Information


Tom and Jorge work @ ISRIC

Milan and Alex work @ GILAB

We have multiple providers of points

How are soils created?

Covariates / Layers that explain soil formation?


Ecological/Climatic zones

World Geological Map

Other soil maps

All pray to the happy-golden triangle !!!!

  • 3D dataset - Remember that soils have different properties according to depth

  • Full dataset (so far):
    • 9 parameters (e.g: pH, Org. carbon, texture)
    • 3 levels of value confidence (lower, median, upper)
    • 6 depth intervals (figure leftt)
    • 2 soil class taxonomies (WRB and USDA)
    • (each class with its own distribution map)

  • No compression: 270 gigas
  • GeoTIFF deflate compress: 25 gigas

Methodology et al.

Cool!!! Where can I get the files??

XML metadata, metadata tag inside geotiff
what TAXGWRB means ??? Check the metadata!!!

Point query, view and tile download

Point Query??? attributes=ORCDRC,CEC& confidence=M&depths=sd1

{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [-9.417,38.768]},"crs": {"type": "name","properties": {"name": "urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC:1.3:CRS84"}},"timestamp": "1432038701.1","raw": true,"properties": {"soilmask": "soil","ORCDRC": {"M":{"sd1": 56}},"CEC": { "M": { "sd1": 15},"publication_date": "2014-04-02"}}

  • REST Queries (top) return GeoJSONS (right)or GeoTiff tiles

  • From June 2014 till May 2015: 200 000 requests (172,850 queries)


More data,more experience...

16x more data and new attributes

New methodology

Asks a question of a data item and sends either left or right branching off into different nodes

Africa at 250mt resolution

More attribuites like FAO drainage classes

Aluminium Concentration

Total Nitrogen

Limiting Factors for Maize

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