25 Jun 2017

On 20th June 2017 the Plenary Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) assigned ISRIC — World Soil Information as the institution to host the Soil Data Facility that will be built in Pillar 4 of the partnership. This means that ISRIC, as member of the Pillar 4 Working Group will: (i) contribute to the design of the Global Soil Information System, (ii) participate in capacity building programs, and (iii) provide a system that integrates the national facilities into a global soil information system.

22 Jun 2017

ISRIC staff participated in the kickoff meeting for a World Bank funded project on 'Land Use Planning for Enhanced Resilience of Landscapes' (LAUREL; 6-13 May 2017, Antananarivo, Madagascar).

The objectives of the mission were to:

22 Jun 2017

The World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies programme (WOCAT) celebrated its 25th anniversary at CIAT in Cali, Colombia from 13-18 June. WOCAT  is a global network of Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) specialists, supporting innovation and decision-making processes in SLM by sharing and enhancing knowledge. ISRIC  has actively contributed to the programme since its inception in 1992. 

15 Jun 2017

The Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research has appointed Gerard Heuvelink as professor by special  appointment in ‘Pedometrics and Digital Soil Mapping’ as of 1 June 2017. The professorship by special  appointment is funded by ISRIC - World Soil Information and is positioned within the Soil Geography and Landscape chairgroup led by Jakob Wallinga. This appointment further strengthens the research and teaching collaboration between ISRIC and Wageningen University.

08 Jun 2017

Within the framework of regional capacity training in support of the ‘Global Soil Organic Carbon’  (GSOC) Map, FAO/GSP (Global Soil Partnership) and ISRIC – World Soil Information are hosting a training session in Wageningen (6  to 23 June 2017).

22 May 2017

ISRIC - World Soil Information serves the international community with a wide array of tailor-made courses and lectures. From 15-19 May 2017,  we organized the fifth edition of the ISRIC Spring School on 'Mapping, classification and assessment of soils'. 

20 Apr 2017

Site-specific fertilizer recommendations for major food crops in West Africa have been updated and mapped by ISRIC in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC) and experts from the NARs of Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana. The project was carried out within the context of the West Africa Fertilizer Program (USAID WAFP) which IFDC has implemented over last five years in collaboration with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

18 Apr 2017

Today, ISRIC — World Soil Information has launched a new corporate website (http://www.isric.org) to better serve the needs of users of soil information around the globe. Rik van den Bosch, director of ISRIC: “The new site is yet another step to show how seriously we take our mission to serve everyone who needs quality-assessed soil data. We are confident it will also act as a catalyst to engage with new clients interested in making a difference through the application of soil information”.

Highlights of the new site are:

13 Apr 2017

newlogo.png  As part of the efforts to launch a new corporate website, the logo of ISRIC – World Soil Information has been undergoing a re-design. Martijn Schornagel from Momono Bureau voor grafisch ontwerp was tasked to carefully modernise and simplify the existing version.

14 Mar 2017

Through a live streaming video connection, Class 4B and 4A of Concordia International School in Hanoi, Vietnam have explored the soils of the world in the ISRIC world soil museum. The students, on average 10 years old, are studying soils in a science module that delves into topics such as landscape, soil formation and how soils are managed. The class was introduced to the soils in the museum that is located 8862 km in a straight line from their school, by Stephan Mantel, Head of the World Soil Museum.