Micromorphological Collections

Microphoto of a Podzol B with cracked humus coatings (Jongerius - STIBOKA Collection)

Micromorphological Collections

A unique collection of micromorphological materials for the major soils of the world, comprising:

  • ISRIC systematic collection - Large thin sections from the profiles described in the ISRIC Soil Information System (ISIS)
  • Schmidt – Lorenz collection - Contains over 15 000 small thin sections of soils, mainly from Europe, Africa and Australia
  • Jongerius – STIBOKA collection - Over 6 000 thin sections and blocks, mainly from Dutch and European soils and sediments. The collection has been established by the late Prof. A. Jongerius, former Head of the Department of Micropedology and Mineralogy of the Dutch Soil Survey Institute (STIBOKA) in Wageningen, and further expanded by Dr M. Kooistra.

These collections provide an enormous resource for microscopical studies of soils from around the world.

A page with translation of micromorphological terms can be found here