Conceptual layout of the World Soil Museum

The World Soil Museum displays a selection of ISRIC’s unique collection of soil monoliths, which forms the nucleus of the museum

The soils of the world are displayed according to major soil forming factors: Climate, Relief, Parent material, Organisms and Time. Other sections are: Soils of the Netherlands, Man and soil, Soils and land use, and Soils and colour.

The data from ISRIC World Data Centre for Soils on the global soil resources are brought into the museum through multi-media facilities that include tablets (for access to detailed information about the soil monoliths and associated information), touch screens and a large digital map viewing table. Six stations are placed in the museum that provide information on the following subjects: food production, soil and water, land degradation and conservation, soils and landscape, soils and biodiversity, and soils and climate change.