ISRIC staff and guest researchers joining forces during the Dutch soil augering championship (2013)

ISRIC welcomes researchers and students who wish to collaborate on global and regional soil information related initiatives

This webpage provides information for guest researchers on how to plan their proposed visit to ISRIC (with their own research programme and funds).

If you are interested in a BSc, MSc or PhD research or student internship at ISRIC please see the Training and Education page.

Guest researchers

ISRIC has a dynamic guest researcher programme aimed at strengthening international collaboration and stimulating exchange of knowledge and information. Our guest researchers come from many countries and generally stay with us for three to six months.

Any researcher that works in an area of research that is of interest to ISRIC may submit an application form (with CV) to the coordinators Gerard Heuvelink or Niels Batjes for screening on scientific merits and strategic importance for ISRIC.

Should you desire to work with a specific ISRIC staff member this may be indicated on the application form. When agreeable, the proposed advisor will help you to fine-tune your application.

If your definitive application is evaluated positively by the screening committee and approved by the ISRIC Director you will receive a formal letter of acceptance. Thereafter, the ISRIC secretariat and the Human Resources Department will ‘take over’. They will help you with visa and residence permit application with the Dutch Immigration Service; please note that these procedures may require up to three months in some cases.

As is indicated on the Application form, all guest researchers will have to make their own financial arrangements (e.g. travel, accommodation, health and travel insurance). Typically, ISRIC only covers costs associated with office space, internet account, computing facilities, scientific and administrative support.

Obtaining appropriate and affordable (furnished) accommodation in Wageningen is often problematic and time consuming. It is the responsibility of the guest researcher to find housing; ISRIC can only provide limited support. Some useful sites are listed here.